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Nikki Goodman

I was weighing in at nearly 16 stone 5 weeks after my 3rd son was born. As a new mum you are supposed to feel happy. Of course I was over the moon with my beautiful baby boy. But because of my weight, I refused sometimes to even go out the house. My once size 16 body was now at a size 22. I was never a perfect weight girl. I always seemed to hang around the size 16 clothes size and feel comfortable with that. Everyone thought I had post natal depression and the doctors prescribed me with some anti depressants. I took one look at them and just thought ‘NO!’. This is not the answer.

A once again single mum, I decided enough was enough and signed up to a gym when my son was 6 weeks old. Luckily the gym has a crèche. It can work out slightest expensive but I figured with the correct diet and healthy eating, I could stop buying expensive take aways and junk food and manage to afford the gym. Throughout my pregnancy with him I managed to gain 5 stone in weight. When I was 30 weeks pregnant with him, I was rushed to hospital with a suspected blood clot in my leg. I was given the all clear but deep down I knew the reason why I was barely able to walk was because I was over eating and piling on the weight. It was no excuse being pregnant for me to over eat.

Within the first month of joining the gym, I managed to lost one stone. I was doing the basics. A few cardio classes, walking on the tread mill and cross trainer. My food was healthy but not strict. I would class a white bread ham sandwich with a yogurt and crisps healthy enough. Breakfast would consist of bran flakes with full fat milk and toast. I hit a plateau. Along came Christmas 2013 and I gained 6lb. Something was still not right. I was training every day thinking I was training correctly. After Christmas I attended more classes with Jo Prosser. She was looking amazing because she was clean eating and training for The Miss Galaxy competition. ‘Fair play’, I thought. But that could never be me! Attending Jo’s classes and a few boxercise classes, I managed to drop nearly 2 stone. I was feeling great! But I plateaued again. I was nearly at the point of giving up. My body had pretty much reached the same weight before pregnancy and I felt ‘comfortable’ again.

Jo Prosser had competed in the competition and looked how I really wanted to look. I knew if I was to even try and get there, that I would need her help, training and advice. One day after class I walked up to Jo and said ‘I need a goal’. Right away she said ‘Miss Galaxy Universe’. My response… ‘Ok, yes!’. From there I never looked back. Jo taught me all the clean food. The amount of protein, carbs and fat my body would need. I was just so shocked as to how scientific food really was!! I lost 1 stone 4lb from that day. Jo also introduced me to weights. I always thought it would make me masculine! Far from it. It have me strength, lifted my depression, made me feel happy and most of all made me a happy mummy to my boys. I mixed that with cardio training or HIIT. As well as some classes that Jo teaches and some boxing. I didn’t reach my ‘perfect’ look that I wanted in my head for the show. But I did my best and it have me a goal. I had come so far and what better way to celebrate the weight I had lost than to step on that stage. I felt a million dollars!! The girls that compete are fantastic. Everyone is out to help each other. I have decided to compete again in May 2015. I have completely stepped out of my comfort stone and given myself bigger goals. My outlook on training has changed as in I don’t feel like it’s boring or a chore anymore. I go to take my mind off problems and it makes me think better. I am the fittest I have ever been and wearing size 12 clothes is something I never thought possible. My biggest inspiration has been Jo Prosser. Her help and support has been second to none. She has always made me feel like I can talk about anything and that anything negative in my life should be cut out. I have achieved things in 2014 I never thought possible thanks to her.

My weight loss gave me the confidence to go on stage and compete which I never thought would be possible, but thanks to Jo I am now confident enough to do this.