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Do you leave the gym floor feeling anything but the buzz of success? The solution could be as easy as changing a few details in the way you prepare for your training. Don’t move on to a new program until you’ve used these tips first!

1. Stay hydrated throughout the day

Most people often overlook the importance of being fully hydrated for a workout. Being dehydrated cause a rise in core body temperature, early fatigue in your session and decreased lifting performance, even though you may not feel thirsty. To ensure you stay hydrated, make sure you’re always accompanied by a bottle of water, which you can continuously sip throughout the day.You should also aim to drink 500-600ml of water 2 hours before your training so urine output levels can return to normal.

2. Create yourself a playlist

If all you’re doing is rolling out of bed then heading straight to the gym, you’re unlikely to feel too enthusiastic about lifting some heavy weights. Before you even touch a bar, give yourself a mental boost by listening to your favourite tunes. Putting on some headphones and doing a warm up on the treadmill can really help get you that serious focus you need to make it a great work out.

3. Squeeze out your reps

There may be times when you don’t “feel it” during your lifts – try focusing on squeezing the target muscle as your perform your lifts. This may be at the top of a biceps curl, as you extend your triceps during cable work, or at the top of a squat.

4. Don’t let your ego take over

The first thing many people do is test themselves with a big weight, maybe to start feeling some success, or perhaps its to see if they still “have it”. Training this way is never a smart idea as you’re more likely to use sloppy form and can cause yourself injury.

Rather than leading with your ego, try taking a few kilos off the bar and try to feel each muscle contracting through the movement. Aim for the squeeze and choose quality over quantity – train like this for a few sessions and you’ll be surprised by your increase in strength and muscle quality.

5. Manage your time

Its easily done, spending your time between sets having a “quick” chat with your fellow gym goers and then realizing its taken 20 minutes to get 4 sets on done! Worse than yapping to your mates though is checking yourself out in the mirror – its import to be proud of your hard work but time is muscle!

Your rest breaks between sets should be long enough so that the next set is done with the right weight and perfect form, but no longer than that. Get yourself a watch, keep an eye on the wall clock is use a timer on your phone, either way make sure rest times are kept in check

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