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We took a long time setting up our DREAM website but think the wait was worth it as you can see when you take a tour round.With well over 25 years experience between us in the fitness industry all of our Fully Qualified DREAM TEAM bring a wealth of different knowledge to each area of our business for you.

Whether it is just weight loss or weight gain to achieve a small goal just for you or your an experienced gym individual looking to do a fitness/glamour or bodybuilding show we can show you how to reach your goals.We cater for females and males and for those looking to step onto a stage our DREAM GIRLS and DREAM GUYS will now be focusing on the 2015 shows ahead.

There will be new additions to the newly set up site throughout the year but for now thank you and we look forward to you being part of the DREAM EXPERIENCE. If you want to see what we can do for you take a look a look at the journey both our clients and myself have taken on the link for CLIENTS.


About Jo

I am a mum and a fully qualified Personal Trainer I have many years of experience alongside my partner in the fitness industry running small and large scale gyms, training men and women with all different abilities and body types anything from female or male Bodybuilders who are prepping for shows to grandparents in their mid 60’s our experience is vast and getting results is what we are about.

I made a very brave decision a few years ago after my daughter started junior school that even though I kept myself reasonably fit and healthy and diet wasn’t too bad, I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere with my current training methods.

I wanted to take my personal physical fitness to the next level and see what I was capable of. I decided to enter a female only fitness and bikini show so in June 2014 I did and placed 4th as a Fitness Model and in November 2014 placed 2nd as a fitness model in the over 36yrs category. Best decision I ever made for myself! Boosted my confidence and body image and motivated lots of other friends and clients to also enter and step up their training and sharpen up their diet to feel fantastic inside and out.

I intend to compete again in 2015 and enter a new federation, which I am excited about.
I am so happy to be launching Dream Fitness alongside my partner who is equally passionate about training and helping others achieve their Dream of a healthy happy lifestyle with no limits! We believe anything is possible if you trust and believe in yourself.

Please take a look around our site and if you have any questions or would like a chat on a 1-2-1 basis about your personal goals for 2015, please feel free to call me on 07795 073388 or email me on jo@dream-fitness.co.uk or contact me through the website. Have a Happy and Prosperous New year and I will look forward to hearing from you. Jo x

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